5 Relationship Habits I Left In 2016

5 Relationship Habits I Left In 2016

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Charles Dickens spoke no truer words when he said it was the best of times and the worst of times…that was 2016 in a nutshell. The ups, the downs, the losses and overwhelming heaviness of the entire year. It was easy to feel hopeless, especially when it came to dating. Yet I’m reminded that even the bad days have something good to teach us.  As we embrace the new year freshly among us, it’s a good time to reflect on what we no longer have use for. Habits, mindsets, things we say to others – what didn’t serve us in 2016 has no business in 2017.

Fear of Being Hurt

Fear is an illusion and yet its made real by the energy we put into it.  If you are human somewhere along the way someone said something or did something that hurt you.  Here is the good news if you are reading this it means you survived it, you are powerful, strong, and capable of overcoming and still moving forward.  What does this mean? Whatever comes your way you can and will be better for it.  Bubble wrapping your heart does the opposite of protecting it. Instead you suffocate your feelings and block yourself from experiencing real love. No more fear!

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Complaining About the Opposite Sex

You have not met all men or women for that matter.  Bashing everyone due to the errors of the few you have encountered actually locks you into attracting those people to your life over and over again. Assume that just like you there are a AMAZING men and women in this world and you will spend time seeing the best in people instead of the worst.  Keep your opinions on the bright side and you will notice that you will attract better opportunities.

Blaming Yourself or Others

We all have done some things we would rather not remember.  Whether it was letting the one get away or saying things you didn’t mean or staying too long in a situationship that didn’t serve you.  Blame is a black hole that leads you to absolutely nowhere good.  Recognize the situation the role you played and the lessons you learned.  The name of the game is MOVE ON.

Using Perfection to Protect Your Heart

Perfection is a prison.  It’s not real, and it completely unattainable. We can always do better things and be better people but holding your heart hostage until perfection is realized guarantees that you will never have to open up. Your standards should be an honest reflection of the person you are, the things you need and want and your compassion for other people’s journey. We are all works in progress – and that is the true definition of perfection.

Speaking Craziness into Existence

Words create your world.  Listen to what you say as it is a direct reflection of what you experience.  Speak life, speak love, speak happiness. That thing you just said, do you want that to actually happen?  If you feel good things then speak on it, ask for it. The negative thoughts that come to mind should be allowed to come and go quietly, you don’t need to amplify them by speaking them into your space. Give energy to the good and let the bad things fall by the wayside.

What habits did you leave in 2016?

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