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Have you ever wondered if I’m so successful why am I still single? Or ever wondered do you have what it takes to keep your marriage passionate and exciting so you can celebrate Golden Anniversaries? Then you’re like millions of men and women across the globe who are yearning for AMAZING relationships but not entirely sure how to create it.

Since the first Dessert & Discussion in 2009  this engaging, unscripted experience has been hosted across the globe. It is always a fun, lively and unforgettable experience that you don’t want to end but you can’t wait until the next one begins.  Dessert & Discussion is the place where men & women get to explore love, sex and all of the other dimensions of

relationships all while enjoying delicious dessert & drinks.  Once you experience Dessert & Discussion you will never be the same, whether your relationship status is single, committed or complicated you walk away understanding the opposite sex and yourself on a whole new level.  We all want to have AMAZING relationships and Dessert & Discussion is on a mission to help build them, ONE DISCUSSION at a time.

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