CUFFING SEASON GUIDE: 6 Signs He’s a Serial Heartbreaker

CUFFING SEASON GUIDE: 6 Signs He’s a Serial Heartbreaker

    He says the right thing, his text-back game is killer, he asks you out on proper dates (no Netflix and “chill”) and he’s exactly how you pictured your perfect mate would be. But in the back of your mind, in the hidden cracks of your psyche – your spidey senses are tingling. You know he’s delicious, but he smells too good to be true. Wave away some of that fairy dust and take a quick assessment before you start planning your tropical baecation. Watch out for these telltale signs he’s not ready to settle down. He’s Fresh Out Ask him when his last relationship was. If it was anytime in the last year, you might want to ease up just a tad. It’s common to feel “over” a relationship, especially when it ended amicably. But giving proper time to breathe out an old lover is important for self-care.…Continue Reading

How to Turn a Whore Into a Housewife

Bad girls ain’t no good and the good girls ain’t no fun…. Whether it’s Amber Rose’s slut walk or Ayesha Curry’s slut-shaming for ages men have been at odds with both women.  Amber is the fun super freak that men dream about but also declare her unfit to take home to mother. Ayesha is “wifey material” but she’s also frigid and boring. This crazy double-standard is the Madonna-Whore complex in a nutshell. You see – men with this complex, desire a freak in the sheets and a nun in the streets and tend to also believe one is better than the other.   Basically the good girl can is the wife he ends up with and the fun girl is the shorty he rolls with for a while but eventually discards. We see it in movies, music and memes – and it’s the topic of heavy debate.   If you’re that woman who straddles…Continue Reading

The Best Dating Advice You Will Ever Read

  A few nights ago I was a guest panelist on The Great Love Debate a huge cross-country tour bringing folks together to talk about that thing that baffles us Well, one moment during the night absolutely rocked my dating world. In that moment I heard possibly the best dating advice I have encountered in a long time. It came from host Brian Howie who posed a question to the ladies in the audience…Continue Reading

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