New Year, New Love

New Year, New Love

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So…. Serena Williams just got engaged! If you’re like so many Powerhouse Women, this announcement gave you hope.  Hope that so often is clouded by news reports, expert opinions and random Facebook memes that suggest we somehow don’t need love. That if you are a go-getter, you simply don’t deserve love and should cozy up to our careers instead. These baseless claims blame everything from a woman’s ambition and her confidence in her ability to make her mark on the world. Her absolute refusal to settle for love and relationships that are lacking what it takes to succeed.

Enter Serena. A woman who is known for being a beast in her field. She is the definition of unstoppable and unapologetic talent. Not only did she land herself a man who is successful and accomplished himself, but she did very well to keep it on the low. There’s something so satisfying about seeing a celebrity who is usually hounded by the media, keeping something precious and personal to themselves. As such a Powerhouse for women’s empowerment, there’s no doubt Serena has made significant investments into her own self worth. This is key.

As we embark upon the new year, celebrate the love that is you! Click To Tweet

As we embark upon the new year, celebrate the love that is you! Honor the relationships you are currently in and set goals that support the type of woman you want to be in your relationships. Let Serena’s engagement and the countless others that have taken place (shoutout to the men who put a ring on it over the holidays). New year, new outlooks, new love.

Here’s to love, laughs and memories you will cherish forever!

Happy New Year!

Alex Merritt The Love Engineer

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