The O.G. Edition – The War on LOVE (Original Game)

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The #1 RELATIONSHIP GAME IN THE WORLD!!  If you don’t have this game your relationships are LOSING!  The number one issue in relationships is a LACK of communication and this is what causes the REAL WAR!  This game is designed to help you WIN the WAR ON LOVE!  Whether you play it with your boo or your best friends, you are in for hours of fun and a provocative conversation that will bring you closer to whoever you play it with.  If you play your cards right, you are not playing cards, you are communicating and connecting to each other like NEVER BEFORE!!  You don’t have to worry about the BATTLE when you are winning the War On LOVE!


The War On Love® game is HERE!!

No more awkward moments of silence, trying to figure out how to get a conversation started. No more being afraid of being judged for asking intimate questions that you really want to discuss. No more boring exchanges simply holding your phone because you’ve run out of things to talk about.

These 52 spicy questions about love, sex and relationships promises lots of laughs and an abundance of blushing. Easy to play, two players flip one card at a time, high card or heart wins. Player that wins gets to decide which question is discussed.

Hours of adult fun. This game is perfect for date night, game night or girls night.

There are no right or wrong answers in “The War on Love” just share your honest truth and connect like never before…if it gets too naughty well, just blame it on the game!

Collect all 3 editions!

Game Instructions

When it comes to “The War on LOVE” there’s really only #1 Rule – BE HONEST, everything else is a suggestion…so feel free make up your own fun ways to play!

Our Favorite Way to Play is…

Here’s the Deal

-Shuffle the cards
-Deal the cards face down to each player (2-4 players) or
-Place the deck face down on a surface (4 or more players)

Let’s Play
-2 Players at a time each flip over a card
– The card with the Highest value “Wins”
– The winner gets to decide which ONE of the questions on the two cards will be discussed by ALL players
-Each player responds with their most honest perspective to the question on the card
-If a heart is played – the HEART always WIN (example 2 of Heart beats the Ace of Spade)
-Watch for the JOKERS – it’s WILD! When you get one make up your own question or make your move (just make it GOOD)
-If two cards with the same value are flipped – It’s LOVE
-Players yell “I Declare LOVE” and the players flip again until someone gets the higher card – Winner gets to choose from the 4

**Remember there are NO RIGHT or WRONG ANSWERS, only HONEST or dishonest. So just be HONEST **

The War on LOVE is much MORE than just a GAME!
Have fun and let the discussions go as long as needed. If it gets awkward just smile and blame it on the game!!

Disclaimers: Expect lots of laughter and an abundance of blushing…What happens after that is all on you.

(Can be used to as a standard deck of cards – Spades anyone?)