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#CUFFING SEASON: Netflix & Chill Guide

#CUFFING SEASON: Netflix & Chill Guide

Let’s face it, the weather outside isn’t all that frightful. Thanks to global warming it was a not-so-bad fifty-three degrees in New York last week. The sun crept out, people’s attire lightened up and it felt really good to be outside. Despite the occasional interruptions to Winter, we are still, in fact knee-deep into prime Cuffing Season. Maybe it’s the post-holiday lull, but right now all I want to do with boo is lay up and watch movies and order Seamless. If this is on your list of things to do this week, here are a few “couple-friendly” flicks to watch.   The Upbeat Cult Classic The Wiz, starring Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Richard Pryor will get you both to ‘ease on down the road to a happy place. This throwback classic is super upbeat and reminds us all of a happier time when MJ was still alive and…Keep Reading

The Royal FairyTale

A Real Life Princess the Royal wedding was all sorts of magical. Ever since I was a little girl I have LOVED weddings and wedding cake. My invitation to the wedding of the year, was clearly lost in the mail and I have spent the week inquiring about it hence the delay in the blog. Even though I had to forego my royal cake tasting, honey let me tell you what made up for that – the Kingdom Choir. With all of that vocal sweetness wrapped up in every curl pattern known to the Diaspora, I knew it was going to be something special. Then they had the nerve to have all those layers of sizes and shapes, various hues of brown, from butter pecan to triple chocolate all drizzled with black excellence, with a cellist on top. #CelloBae was nothing short of AH-MAZING! Yet for all of the hype…Keep Reading

Why Good Girls Finish LAST

By now you have seen the 8 carats, and the footage of Offset proposing to the love of his life Cardi B, who by the way is having an EPIC year. But I digress when I heard her beau proposed on stage in front of a sold out audience I felt the collective gasp of “good girls” around the globe. Wondering how does an ex stripper, foul mouthed, high achieving woman like Cardi B end up engaged before me? You know good girls have spent their whole life doing everything “right”. Went to school, got the good grades, held on to her virginity (in some cases are still holding on to it), attended Sunday School, Bible study and is probably getting ready for choir rehearsal as this is being written. Pastors suggested she wait on God meanwhile provided little to no instruction on how she would know when “God showed…Keep Reading

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