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Dessert & Discussion is an experience not an event. This is where Men & Women come for engaging, unscripted and insightful discussions about Love, Sex & Relationships.

#CUFFING SEASON: Netflix & Chill Guide

#CUFFING SEASON: Netflix & Chill Guide

Let’s face it, the weather outside isn’t all that frightful. Thanks to global warming it was a not-so-bad fifty-three degrees in New York last week. The sun crept out, people’s attire lightened up and it felt really good to be outside. Despite the occasional interruptions to Winter, we are still, in fact knee-deep into prime Cuffing Season. Maybe it’s the post-holiday lull, but right now all I want to do with boo is lay up and watch movies and order Seamless. If this is on your list of things to do this week, here are a few “couple-friendly” flicks to watch.   The Upbeat Cult Classic The Wiz, starring Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Richard Pryor will get you both to ‘ease on down the road to a happy place. This throwback classic is super upbeat and reminds us all of a happier time when MJ was still alive and…Keep Reading

3 Reasons To Date A Man With Potential

In an effort to prove we are down for the men in our lives, aren’t a gold digger and money isn’t everything. Strangers and well meaning family are quick to suggest that “nobody is perfect” or tell a woman her standards may be too high.  God forbid she doesn’t want to struggle with a mate.  Combine that with the statistics that would have you believe the last good man on Earth just got married and you can see why a man with Potential could be attractive. Many Powerhouse women find themselves dating men who are a recipe for heartbreak but the signs are overlooked because he has the P word…potential. It sounds good on the surface but all potential is not created equal and I want you keep these 3 things in mind the next time you are thinking about giving your time and heart to a man because he…Keep Reading

I DON’T NEED A MAN – Issa Lie!

It seems like the new vogue thing to proclaim is “I don’t NEED a Man”.  Many Powerhouse women constantly express this statement like it’s a revelation, while simultaneously planning a cross-country relocation to the unknown city where there are better men. Countless women come to me saying Love Engineer, please help, where are the good men?   I have certainly helped, and they have weddings, engagements, lots of fun dates and love stories to show for it.  Yet, all of them were women who insisted initially that “they didn’t NEED a man”.  Then wondered out loud why, “I can’t find a man”, or had the audacity to suggest that there were no good men in (insert any city on the globe), or all the men are married, taken, gay or (insert latest negative masculine trait). They were absolutely convinced that those were the reasons that a good man could not be…Keep Reading

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