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Dessert & Discussion is an experience not an event. This is where Men & Women come for engaging, unscripted and insightful discussions about Love, Sex & Relationships.

#CUFFING SEASON: Netflix & Chill Guide

#CUFFING SEASON: Netflix & Chill Guide

Let’s face it, the weather outside isn’t all that frightful. Thanks to global warming it was a not-so-bad fifty-three degrees in New York last week. The sun crept out, people’s attire lightened up and it felt really good to be outside. Despite the occasional interruptions to Winter, we are still, in fact knee-deep into prime Cuffing Season. Maybe it’s the post-holiday lull, but right now all I want to do with boo is lay up and watch movies and order Seamless. If this is on your list of things to do this week, here are a few “couple-friendly” flicks to watch.   The Upbeat Cult Classic The Wiz, starring Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Richard Pryor will get you both to ‘ease on down the road to a happy place. This throwback classic is super upbeat and reminds us all of a happier time when MJ was still alive and…Keep Reading

6 Do’s And Don’ts for The First Date

6 Do’s And Don’ts for The First Date

  According to the recent surveys, 27% of adults are using online dating as their main source of romantic socializing. Which means there are a lot of people out there who might be going on an awkward first date. Without the setting of a bar or a networking event to set the tone between you, a first date after an online encounter can feel a bit like jumping into the deep end without any lead up. Here are a few tips to help you get through that first date after it goes down in the DMs.   Do Be On Time It’s more than just common courtesy to arrive on time, if not a few minutes early. It’s also a really quick way to set the right tone. Someone took time out of their day to get ready and spend time with you – the very least you can do…Keep Reading

5 Relationship Traditions That Should Totally Be Optional

5 Relationship Traditions That Should Totally Be Optional

Despite what we may imagine, all the relationship goals in the world can’t save us from a situation that does not fit who we are. What’s most important in relationships is that we’re staying true to ourselves and along the way – making our own traditions. Here are a few relationship standards that you should feel free to opt out of. Waiting For Him To Make The First Move Your eyes meet across a crowded room and a connection is made. Now what? How about instead of waiting for him to make his way over, you meet him halfway and buy him a drink? Ladies shouldn’t be afraid to go after what they want. Long gone are the expectations of the docile woman awaiting a man’s precious graces. Take charge, there will be plenty of time later to let him take the wheel. Changing Your Last Name I recently attended a…Keep Reading

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